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(01) Our Mission

Our mission is to promote global unity by enabling shared cultural experiences across language barriers.

Meet DM Team

(02) Team goals

Our team is comprised of expert engineers, product builders, and linguists. We all share a passion for globalizing content, communication, and culture in an effort to promote world peace.

(03) Leadership

Rijul Gupta

Chief Executive Officer

Rijul is an expert Synthetic Media engineer with a degree from Yale and a passion for connecting people across nations. Before founding DeepMedia, he worked 7+ years as a corporate ML contractor. Now, Rijul is dedicated to building tech that helps people communicate across language and cultural barriers.

Emma Brown

Head of Product

Emma speaks 6 languages - English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian/Croatian, and Mandarin. After graduating top of her class from Yale with a double major in Russian and Eastern European Studies and Political Science, she worked as a performance marketing/digital sales expert for five years. Emma joined DeepMedia in September 2020 as Head of Growth where she creates and executes aggressive, long-term growth strategies.

(04) Other Team Members


Head of Post Production

Netflix, 10+ years advanced VFX engineering.


Machine Learning Engineer

3+ years building machine learning products. Speaks English and Hindi.


Lead Designer

Parson’s MFA, 5+ years designing consumer/enterprise products. Speaks English and Mandarin.


ML Systems Engineer

3+ years scaling machine learning APIs. Speaks English, Polish, and German.


Full Stack Engineer

15+ years building consumer/enterprise web products.


Senior iOS Developer

7+ years building consumer mobile products. Speaks English, Hindi, and Urdu.


ML Researcher

Stanford Ph.D, 30+ years designing machine learning algorithms. Speaks English and Hindi.


ML Engineer - Detection

Yale, 1+ years building machine learning applications.


Finance Lead

5+ years developing and executing financial models.


Production Assistant

Harvard, 2+ years VFX and AFX engineering. Speaks English and Chinese.

Lily Zhou


Frontend Engineer

Yale, 2+ years building web applications. Speaks English and Chinese.


Head of Federal Engagement

Cornell, US Marines, 5+ years w/ DoD startup engagement


Full Stack Engineer

Harvard, 2+ years building web applications. Speaks English and Chinese.


Android Developer

Yale, 2+ years building consumer mobile applications on Android.


Video Editor

10+ years VFX and AFX engineering. Speaks English, Latvian, and Italian.

Walid Mohammad


Influencer Relations

Berkeley, 3+ years influencer marketing.

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